Magazin – film premiere

Magazin is an in-kind help desk that has been operating at the Ocalenie Foundation since March 2019. From the beginning, it has been a place where foreigners can choose the things they need themselves and shop as if they were in a regular store, paying with points awarded at registration. We want to make them comfortable in this way, because we know that having to reach out for in-kind help can involve difficult emotions. The Magazin video has been produced to let more people know about this initiative and perhaps to support it. We encourage you to watch it!

Magazin – a free shop for migrants and refugees


For the full production of the film, from script to editing, we thank Agata Grzybowska.

Music: Bartosz Dziadosz


How to support Magazin?

Magazin provides clothing, underwear, household chemicals, toiletries, school supplies and toys, among other items. Our support reaches around 250 people a week, including 90-100 children. If you would like to make an in-kind donation, please email [email protected] or [email protected] (contact for organisations). This is important because we have too little storage space to accept items without prior arrangement.