About Us

Ocalenie Foundation supports migrants, including refugees in building a new life in Poland.

Ocalenie Foundation was founded in the year 2000. The foundation supports migrants in integrating into society and their personal development. We are working towards a cross-cultural dialogue and strengthening the community.

We strive to ensure equal rights for all and to make sure that all people may live in dignity.


Our Work

We help migrants: we run an Help Centers for Foreigners in Warsaw and Łomża, where we offer free Polish lessons, carry out adaptation and integration support programs, and look for housing for our clients. We also run a youth center for children of refugees in Łomża

We raise public awareness: we hold workshops about refugees, anti-discrimination, and integration. We engage volunteers and organize community-integrating events, and take the floor in public debates.

We work with schools, colleges, public institutions, companies, and international organizations.



Organization and Funding

Ocalenie Foundation is a nonprofit, public benefit organization and is not a business entity.


Our Team

zespół fundacji ocalenie

The core of our team is formed by the staff of the Help Centers for Foreigners in Lomza, Lodz and Warsaw: mentors, social workers, lawyers, psychologists, career advisors and community center staff and counselors.

In addition to the Help Center for Foreigners team we have program coordinators, a board of directors, a fundraising and promotion team, business partnership & external relations team, as well as an IT team working at our Warsaw office.