Objectives and Principles of Ocalenie Foundation

The Foundation’s objectives are as follows:

  1. to assist, integrate and mobilise foreigners as well as Poles and people of Polish origin who stay in Poland or plan to come to Poland;
  2. to build an open society through popularisation of knowledge about world’s countries and cultures, to promote and support intercultural and inter-faith dialogue, and to combat prejudice and discrimination;
  3. to promote and support volunteering and other forms of social involvement;
  4. to support the development of social integration system in Poland, including integration of refugees and immigrants;

The Foundation addresses its activities to:

  1. all people at risk of social marginalisation, including in particular:
    1. refugees and other people under international protection as well as asylum seekers, including people resettled or relocated to Poland;
    2. immigrants;
    3. Poles returning from emigration;
    4. victims of natural calamities, armed conflicts and war, including victims of trauma and torture;
    5. groups particularly vulnerable to discrimination, including children, women, seniors, people with disabilities, people with health problems, people in difficult economic situation or in emergency;
  2. local communities and local leaders;
  3. public, non-governmental and private institutions, organisations and enterprises as well as non-formal groups;
  4. the society as a whole.

Ocalenie Foundation Statute

The full version of the Statute is available here.