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Due to the pandemic the visit to Magazin is possible only by prior arrangement. You can make an appointment by contacting us via email [email protected]

Please remember about a mask covering your mouth and nose!


Magazin: Material aid for migrants

Magazin works as a store – but instead of money you shop with points. 

Each family or individual client gets a certain amount of points to spend during the month. 

In Magazin you can get: clothes, bags, toys, cosmetics, cleaning supplies etc.



To get support from Magazin please contact us via email [email protected]


Magazin is located in the basement of Ocalenie Foundation (Krucza 6/14a, 00-537 Warsaw) – to find it, please go around the building from the left side, pass through the barrier and go downstairs. 

When coming to Magazin please remember about a mask covering your mouth and nose. 


Due to the pandemic the visit to the Magazin is possible only by prior arrangement via email [email protected]. You can contact us in English, Polish or Russian. 

  1. To become a client of Magazin, one is required to register at the Help Center for Foreigners showing one’s ID and the IDs of one’s family members.
  2. Upon entering the Magazin room, every client is required to show his or her ID.
  3. The opening hours of Magazin are specified. Magazin is closed to clients outside the opening hours.
  4. Magazin is a store without money. Items from Magazin are exchanged for points.
  5. Every client is assigned a number of points. The points are assigned every two months.
  6. The number of points depends on the number of family members sharing a household.
  7. If a client lives in a one-person household, he or she may use Magazin as an individual person.
  8. The points expire every two moths when the new quota is assigned.
  9. A price list specifying the number of points each item type costs is available at Magazin.
  10. Since the supply of some product categories, e.g. cosmetics or cleaning supplies, may be low, their availability was limited: a family may acquire such items only once a month (if the items are unavailable at all).
  11. If an item is available only rarely, a customer may notify the Magazin staff about their need. The request does not guarantee that the item will be available to the client, but it increases the chances (especially in the case of furniture or household equipment). A client is allowed to have a pending request for the maximum of two items.
  12. Items from Magazin cannot be returned.
  13. The Ocalenie Foundation reserves the right to deny service to persons breaking the Magazin rules, or posing a threat to persons or property at Magazin.


You can reach us at +48 22 828 04 50 or [email protected]

How to donate  

If you want to make a contribution please read our policy on donating goods.