Ocalenie Foundation Funding

Funding and transparency

Ocalenie Foundation has been supporting migrants, including refugees, in building a new life in Poland for more than 20 years. Our activities are made possible by the financial support of individual and institutional donors. We are committed to ensuring that those who support us have a clear and complete picture of both where we raise funds from and how we spend them. We focus on transparency and regular reporting, which we are obliged to do both by Polish laws and internal regulations, and by the trust our donors place in us.


Each year we submit a complete financial and factual report on our activities within the deadlines prescribed by law. Our reports are audited by an independent auditor and complete the audit successfully. In the first half of the year, we also publish annual summaries with numerical and quantitative data about our activities, so that individuals and support institutions have a clear picture of how their funds are being used.

Up-to-date materials are available here.

We also evaluate the services provided to foreigners who come to us for support. The monitoring and evaluation of ongoing activities is handled by an internal Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning team.

Sources of funding

The Ocalenie Foundation funds its activities from the following sources:

  • Financial and in-kind donations from individuals
  • Financial and in-kind donations from companies and institutions
  • Funds from 1.5% income tax
  • Government and local grants
  • European funds

Funding vs. values of the organization

It is important to us that the way we fund our activities is consistent with the values and mission of the foundation. Therefore, we set boundary conditions for our grantors and institutional donors, which are necessary to establish cooperation and transfer support.

We refuse to accept donations from companies involved in the production of weapons, tobacco, alcohol and gambling services. We also do not cooperate with the fur industry, the mining industry, or companies and businesses used for propaganda, i.e. a particular party or political coalition.