Summary of 2023

Ocalenie does not end at the border

The year 2023 was a little calmer for us. But past crises still persisted. We adjusted our operations and resources to meet the increased needs. We are still at the post! Ready to support people on the move.

Throughout the year, about 15,000 people received our support.

Each of these people has a separate story! That’s why we are happy with every international protection granted, every matriculation exam passed, every child enrolled in a kindergarten, every new job and every progress in Polish language learning.

Because in our work, people are the most important! We treat each of them individually and try to make sure they get the support they need most.


What did 2023 look like?

In 2023, about 15,000 people received support from the Ocalenie Foundation!

4452 people received support from our Help Centers for Foreigners in Warsaw, Lódź and Łomża. At the Center in Warsaw, help was offered to people from 95 countries. Most of them came from Ukraine (55.8%), Belarus (14.4%), Russia (5.2%), Afghanistan (3.2%).

In Warsaw, 4709 people, including 2008 children, received in-kind assistance. Nearly 200 children regularly attended the day care centers we run.

In addition, we continue to be present at the Polish-Belarusian border, where the Foundation’s volunteers intervened 100 times and provided direct assistance to 368 people (including at least 34 women and 15 children and minors). Throughout the year, we also continued our advocacy efforts to eliminate pushbacks from the Polish legal order.

Our activities were diverse – we facilitated internships for foreigners in cooperation with IKEA, organized a record-breaking charity art auction, took children to summer camps, and supported schools in the integration and adaptation of children (and their parents) with migration and refugee experience.


All of this was possible thanks to you!

Thank you for your continuous support throughout 2023! As many as 417 people supported the Foundation in the form of volunteering, and 11 volunteers were active in several programs simultaneously.

You also supported us financially, followed our social media, sent good words and good energy.

With your help, we know we can handle any challenge!

Take a look at the full summary and see how our activities looked throughout last year. Read the Summary:

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