Summary of 2022

2022, a year of change and challenges

2022 has posed huge challenges in front of us, even if it seemed that after what happened in recent years there was little that could surprise us. Echoes of the pandemic had not died down, and the humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border was still ongoing, when the world was shattered by the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

For the whole year, we were busy supporting people fleeing Ukraine and delivering aid to those trapped on the Polish-Belarusian border. Simultaneously, we continued to support foreigners in seeking homes and employment, as well as provided legal and psychological assistance.

The number of people working in our team has increased exponentially, and while this change is a challenge, we are also very happy because it allows us to do more and more effectively. 


At a glance

In 2022, 22,554 people received support from the Foundation! 

8,323 people used our Help Centers for Foreigners in Warsaw, Łódź and Łomża, 1,656 people learned Polish with us, 1,522 families received financial assistance in the form of vouchers, 109 children attended summer camps. Almost 200 children regularly attend day care centres in Warsaw, Lomza and Chelm.

Warsaw Magazin has experienced a huge increase in interest since 24 February and has been visited 3864 times throughout the year. Since March, 6 child-friendly spaces have been created at reception points along the PL-UA border, with 13,000 children visiting by the end of 2022. In addition, due to the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border, at least 1,412 people in need of support contacted the Foundation in 2022. 

Our activities were varied – we conducted internships for foreigners in cooperation with IKEA, organised a record-breaking charity art auction, academies to prepare mentees for work, and a mural for the anniversary of the events in Usnarz Górny. 

Without you, it would be more difficult

Thank you for your continued support throughout 2022! As many as 490 of you took part in volunteering for the Foundation. You also supported us financially, followed our social media, sent good words and energy. Thanks to you, we feel even more that what we do makes sense.

Take a look at the full summary and see what the year as a whole and our activities last year looked like. 

Summary 2022.

Donate 1.5% to the Foundation!

As a result of changes to tax legislation, in 2023 you can donate not 1, but 1.5% of your annual tax to us. This is a real support for people who are trying to build a safe life in Poland.