Project: school sets! Pack a backpack for a child refugee!

Like every August, before the start of the new school year, we are preparing school kits  for several hundred refugee children living in Warsaw and nearby towns. We can’t do this without help from donors, so we encourage you: pack a backpack for a child with refugee experience!


Why are school kits important?

The financial situation of refugees in Poland is difficult. Only in certain situations are they entitled to receive little social assistance. For legal, health or family reasons they are not always able to work. And even if they do, they usually earn little because of their poor language skills and lack of work experience in Poland. The pandemic and lockdowns have further worsened the situation of refugees in the labor market.

The situation of families with children is particularly difficult. We want young refugees to be able to start the new school year without worrying about missing a backpack, pencil case or geometry kit. That is why, for several years, we have been giving school kits to refugee children from Warsaw and neighboring towns. In 2019, we prepared 551 of them, and in 2020 – 403. This year the needs are equally big. 

We won’t be able to satisfy those needs without help from donors, so we encourage you: pack a backpack for a child with refugee experience!


How does it work? 

Do you want to buy a school kit for one or more children? It’s very simple:

  • Complete the registration form (below).
  • Select your preferences – choose the amount you’re willing to spend on a school kit. You can also indicate the age and gender of the child you want to buy the kit for.
  • School kits typically cost anywhere between PLN 130 and PLN 315 – depending on the class the child attends and whether they include a backpack or not. The backpack itself costs from 110 to 130 PLN. These are relatively big amounts, so we encourage donors to form groups – invite your family, friends or colleagues to participate in the action!
  • Wait for information from us – we will send you basic information about the child who will receive the kit you donate and a detailed list of necessary items. It should take us up to a week. 
  • Buy the school kit (or kits) – preferably in the online store we cooperate with (we will provide you with information about it in the e-mail) or anywhere else you prefer.
  • If you buy a kit online, it is best to send the parcel directly to our Foundation’s address. Detailed information on the method of delivery will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • School kits should reach the Foundation by August 25, 2021.


Donor registration form