Polish Language Courses

Living in Poland is difficult not knowing Polish. Foreigners who don’t know the language integrate into society much slower. They are vulnerable to xenophobic acts, being taken advantage of by dishonest employers, and have a harder time finding a home or registering their child for school. That is why Ocalenie Foundation has been offering Polish language courses for adults, to immigrants living in Warsaw and the surrounding areas, since 2009. There are courses of all levels, from complete beginning to advanced.

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Polish language course at Ocalenie Foundation: numbers

  • Three trimesters of classes each year
  • Over 40 groups
  • Over 500 students from several dozen countries
  • 50 volunteers


The students

Our free Polish language courses target adults, mainly refugees, applicants for international protection in Poland and immigrants from outside the European Union.

Our students hail from several dozen nations: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Syria, India, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, China, Chechnya, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and many other countries.



How do our students rate our courses?

Here are some of the opinions about our classes:


I’m very glad that I found myself in these Polish language courses organized by Ocalenie Foundation. My language skills have greatly improved. The teachers try very hard to make the classes not only useful, but interesting as well. Kamila’s positive attitude and willingness to answer any question, cheerful Kuba, always ready to answer any questions about the lesson, Robert’s integration classes – everything is great! Thank you for your help. I am very grateful and I recommend these courses to all my friends.


Indeed this course was very helpful for the beginners of Polish language. Our teacher was very nice, helping and cooperative.


I expect good results in communication and an easier time speaking in Polish. Thank you very much!



Polish language courses: Support

Polish language courses at Ocalenie Foundation are free for participants. The classes are led by dedicated volunteers, but we need money for textbooks, educational help, whiteboard markers, integration outings, and most of all, coordinating and organizing classes and activities. The monthly cost of teaching Polish to one person is about 64 PLN.

We want immigrants to feel at home in Warsaw. We want those living in Choszczówka and Szczęśliwice to be able to pronounce the names of their neighborhoods 🙂

You can help us with teaching Polish!