Ocalenie Foundation and the Open House Initiative help refugees and immigrants in Poland. In-kind support is a large part of this activity since people who reach out for help often arrive in Poland with just one suitcase or bag of clothes. In order to build a new life in our country, they need many new things.

If you are a foreigner seeking support, please click here.


Magazin – a new form of in-kind support

Magazin – or the “store for points” – was created in order to seamlessly and efficiently provide in-kind support to those in need. It is a joint initiative of Ocalenie Foundation and Open House.

Magazin is located in the basement of Ocalenie Foundation’s offices and resembles a second hand store. It is open three times a week as well as some Saturdays.

A person in need of in-kind support is required to register at the Help Center for Foreigners in order to shop at the Magazin. Each customer receives a set amount of points for shopping. Customers can pick out things they need and like on their own using their points, just like at a regular store.

How you can support Magazin

Above all, our clients need:

  • hygiene items, primarily baby diapers and sanitary pads,
  • household chemicals (laundry detergent, cleaning products),
  • cosmetics,
  • bedding,
  • kitchen appliances (pots, plates, cutlery, small household appliances).

If you have clothes, shoes, children’s toys, furniture, large electronic equipment or household appliances or other items you would like to donate, please contact us before bringing them: [email protected]





Furnishings provided by IKEA.