Children & Youths

The Ocalenie Foundation supports children from refugee and migrant families living in Poland in learning and developing. In 2020, 105 children regularly used our help.


Permanent activities

Youth center in Łomża

There are three caregivers working in the youth center. In 2020, 30 children, mostly from Chechen families, used the facility. The activities of the youth center are co-financed by the Drzewo i Jutro Foundation.

The youth center is open from Monday to Friday, all year round. In times of pandemic, caregivers work with children primarily remotely. During the summer holidays, we offer kids using theyouth center various attractions: summer camps, day camps, sports activities, integration trips. 

More information: Help Center for Foreigners and Youth Center >>>

Support program for children and youth in Warsaw

Our children & youths program team based in Warsaw coordinates activities addressing the needs of this group. 

The largest project dedicated to support children & youths is Knowledge to the Max, carried out in cooperation with the BNP Paribas Foundation. It is a tutoring program, aimed at supporting education of foreign youth – primarily young people with learning difficulties and at risk of dropping out. 

Participants of the program benefit from learning support (individual meetings with a tutor), workshops, as well as educational and cultural outings. Coordinators are also in constant contact with the families of the participants, offering them the necessary support. Organizing these activities is possible thanks to the enormous commitment of several dozen volunteers working with children.

In 2020, the tutoring program in Warsaw was used by 75 students from Chechnya, Tajikistan, Ukraine and a few other countries.

As part of the program, fourteen children also receive scholarships in the 2020/21 school year.

More information: Knowledge to the Max >>>


Other activities

In addition to permanent activities, the Ocalenie Foundation also runs other projects to support children and youth: tutoring and extra classes in subjects causing most difficulties to students (Polish, maths, physics, chemistry), going to cinemas, theaters, museums and galleries, sports and integration activities, theater classes.

In September (when the school year begins) children receive school kits, and in December – Christmas gifts.

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