We are proud to announce that we have joined European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)!

ECRE is a pan-European alliance of more than 100 NGOs in 40 countries protecting and advancing the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons. The mission of the alliance is to promote the establishment of fair and humane European asylum policies and practices. Working together with its members and partners ECRE takes special effort  to inform and persuade European authorities and the public on the issues that are of great importance,  monitor and denounce human rights violations while proposing and promoting fair and effective durable solutions. It aims at accomplishing its mission through research, advocacy and the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

ECRE’s secretariat in Brussels informs, supports and works with the membership through joint events, the Annual General Conference, briefings to members and management of specialist working groups.

We look forward to working together, sharing our experiences and learning from other members.