We are looking for people who could join our volunteering program in children friendly spaces at the reception point in Przemyśl. It will be an experience of working in a multicultural environment among other NGOs whose priority się to help people fleeing from war in Ukraine.

We provide transport, accommodation, pocket money for meals and organize training before departure. 

We cordially invite you to submit applications: https://forms.gle/EqTgXRgwcfYUL7T6A

Volunteers should be able to stay with us for at least one week and we will be more than happy to host you for a longer period.

Ocalenie Foundation created children friendly spaces at reception points to give them a moment of rest. Their mothers often need to leave their kids for some time in a safe place under the care of responsible adults. In this way, we influence their safety, because, as you know, the threat of human trafficking in the current scale of the crisis is enormous.