Refugees Welcome Charity Art Auction: summary

This year’s Refugees Welcome Charity Art Auction was an unusual one. It was taking place during a pandemic and was held online on September 13. It was conducted by Max Cegielski and transmitted online in social media.

We managed to raise over 228 000 zlotys to support refugees living in Poland. Throughout the years, our aim has remained the same however the needs of immigrants have grown exponentially during the pandemic.

The Refugees Welcome Auction brings together artists, collectors and volunteers, all united by the common goal of helping refugees. This special demonstration of solidarity becomes even more poignant in the difficult times of the pandemic. It proves we are determined to help and the auction offers us a unique way of doing so. Together we are building a new culture of hospitality.

All works were exhibited prior to the auction at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw at Pańska 3, between September 7th and 12th.

Auction was organised by Ocalenie Foundation, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and Friends of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.