Food aid needed

help refugees coronavirusDue to the ongoing state of the epidemic and the closure of some companies, many refugees and migrants lost their jobs overnight and became penniless. When it comes to crisis situation, this is an extremely sensitive group. 

Migrant and refugee workers are often discriminated against in the labor market, they often work without job contracts or on contracts that can be easily terminated with immediate result. Many of our clients worked in places that ceased to function (restaurants, service points, shops other than grocery stores).

Since these are people who usually have no financial security (savings, own housing, a network of family and friends to count on) and are rarely entitled to social assistance – in the event of job loss their situation becomes extremely difficult. They don’t have money to satisfy their most basic needs, including food. In addition, the food needs of large families have often increased several times, since children don’t have access to meals in nurseries, kindergartens and schools. 

Even though many of the lockdown restrictions were lifted during the summer, most of the people we help were not able to get their jobs back or  find new ones. We don’t expect their circumstances to improve in the coming months, as the next waves of the epidemic hit.

In the end of November, there were 784 names on our list of people receiving food aid – most of them children. This is a huge financial and logistical challenge for us – in „pre-epidemic” times, emergency food aid was provided to a maximum of a dozen or so people a month. Suddenly, we faced a demand which is almost 40 times bigger.

This is why we’re asking for engagement of all who can support us in this emergency situation.


 Food aid – what can I do?


Companies: food chains, wholesalers, food producers

We are looking for companies that could provide:

  • Shopping vouchers for food,
  • Financial support for the purchase of vouchers,
  • Packages with durable food (in bulk quantities) along with support in their distribution.

Contact for companies: marianna.wartecka [at]


Individual donors

Out of concern for health and safety of donors, employees of the Foundation and it’s clients, as well as due to logistical challenges (closure of the Foundation, limited access to stores), we do not collect single products from individual donors.

Our preferred way of support is distributing food vouchers to those in need, and minimizing the delivery of ready food parcels. Vouchers are a way to ensure greater security for all those involved, and at the same time they are more beneficial for those receiving help. Our clients can shop independently, taking into account their individual needs and preferences (resulting e.g. from religious restrictions or health conditions). This is the reason why we ask for financial support. The funds transferred to us for food aid will be entirely allocated for this purpose.


Payments can be made to the following account:

Ocalenie Foundation
Krucza 6 /14a, 00-537 Warsaw
Bank account number:
BNP Paribas
11 1750 0009 0000 0000 2156 6004
Bank Address
Kasprzaka 10/16
01-211 Warsaw
BIC / SWIFT code for international transfers: PPABPLPKXXX

Transfer title: food aid


Food aid is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund National Program within the „Refugee Integration Support” project.

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