Support group for migrant and refugee women

WHERE? In the cottage house in Jazdów (Warsaw) – the exact address will be given to the participants after qualifying for the group.

WHEN? On Mondays, 3-6 PM, from July 26 to mid-October 2021.


On Monday, July 26, we are starting a unique project – an artistic support group for migrant and refugee women in English! The goals of these meetings include giving each other mental support, learning to overcome difficulties, understanding our emotions better, and developing creativity. All this during regular meetings in a cottage in Jazdów, in a beautiful and relaxing natural environment.

In our group:

  • you will meet women with similar experiences to yours;
  • you will find that art can help you express your emotions and discover yourself;
  • you will learn more about yourself and your emotions;
  • you will feel that you are not alone with your experiences;
  • you will develop your creativity;
  • you will learn selected techniques of taking care of your mind/psyche.

Join us if:

  • you feel that you would like to meet women with similar experiences to yours;
  • you feel that you could use some support;
  • you want to spend your time in an interesting way and get away from your daily duties;
  • you need to talk and be understood;
  • you like to do something creative (or you have never done it and want to try it);
  • you want to get to know and understand yourself better.

Attention! The support group is not a therapeutic group. This means that it serves the exchange of experiences with people in a similar situation and is aimed at your internal development, but there is no healing effect. So if you feel that your well-being has deteriorated recently and you cannot function normally, please contact our psychologist for an individual consultation.

Who will run the group? 

Bogumiła Chodzyńska – is an experienced psychologist and therapist under certification. She is also a certified photographer. In her practice, she likes to use art and art therapy, because they allow to release difficult emotions and deepen knowledge about oneself. She believes that the way to a happy life is to be aware of your needs and emotions and to surround yourself with good people 🙂

Irina Grishina – a certified designer and ceramics professional with many years of experience. She runs ceramic workshops, during which she teaches how to work with the material as well how to look for inspiration from the world around us. She believes that art has therapeutic effect and that through ceramics we can impact our brain. The process of working with clay relaxes, brings calmness, concentration and raises the brain’s neuroplasticity.

Anna  Kawalska – intercultural psychologist, trainer of psychosocial skills, art- therapist. For 15 years she has supported migrants and refugees in the adaptation to living in Poland and the integration process. In her work she values the power of group support where women from all over the world can share their wisdom and experiences, benefiting from both diversity and similarities.

Patrycja  Szeląg- Jarosz  – since 2007, she has been cooperating with organizations and institutions that help people in crisis and after experiencing violence. She gained most of her professional experience working with people from „vulnerable groups”, mainly women and young people suffering from psychological trauma related to the experience of forced migration, refugee and cross-border crime. Using the diversity offered by modern psychology, she works in the area of organizing crisis intervention, psychoeducation / workshop and therapy. As part of a support group for women, she will conduct classes using the collage technique.


Workshops for women are carried out as part of the „CPC III” project, co-financed from National Programme of Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

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