My chance in Poland: free training and consultations for foreigners holding the right to work

Fundacja Ocalenie and Fundacja dla Somalii would like to invite foreigners to participate in a free programme of upskilling for both work and everyday life in Poland through training and individual consultations. 


Who can participate in the programme?

The programme is directed to persons who:

  • are aged 25 or above,
  • are foreigners and hold the right to work in Poland,
  • are looking for support in developing basic skills necessary for work and everyday life in Poland (such as: managing the most essential official matters, social service, access to healthcare services, job seeking, forms of employment – types of contracts, settling taxes, managing a household budget, creating a bank account).


Training topics

Every person accepted to the programme will be able to participate in trainings chosen from the following list:

  1. Knowledge about Polish culture (incl. symbols, history, traditions and culture, political system, Polish language and its place in the world of languages);
  2. The devil is not so black as he is painted, that is institutions in Poland (incl. use of public services and support institutions in Poland, such as e.g. healthcare service, employment bureau, official correspondence, crisis situations, social service);
  3. Basics of job seeking in Poland (incl. writing a CV and a motivational letter, search for job advertisements, stages of the recruitment process, soft skills – e.g. communication, assertiveness, presentation);
  4. I work in Poland (incl. legal work in Poland, consequences of working in the grey area, forms of employment, tax system and PIT settling);
  5. Financial ABC (household budget and its planning, contracting financial liabilities, bank account, consumer rights).

Trainings will be conducted in Polish, Russian, and English. The participants will be suggested 3 dates of respective trainings to choose from.

The lessons will take place face-to-face in Warsaw, unless the epidemic situation does not allow for it (in such case, they will be online).

Every person who completes the training will receive a certificate confirming the participation in the lessons.


Will I get any help other than participation in the training?

Yes – every person accepted to the training will also receive:

  • Support of a cultural mentor – it is a person who will help to manage most of everyday and office matters, e.g. register in the employment bureau, create a bank account, schedule a doctor’s appointment (in Fundacja Ocalenie you can get the support of a mentor in Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Arabic or English);
  • Psychological support (if needed). 


I would like to participate in the programme – how to apply?

In order to participate in the programme, please fill in the application form.

Based on the applications we receive, we will choose candidates to interview. During the interviews we will schedule an individual programme of participation in the educational training and consultations. 

Attention! Applying for the programme does not guarantee admission.


Important dates

  • Implementation of the training and consultations: May-December 2021
  • End of the training and consultations: December 2021


Do you need help or have any questions?

If you need help concerning filling out the application form or if you have any questions, write to us at [email protected] or call us: +48 22 828 04 50.



The “My chance in Poland” project is realised within the framework of the “CHANCE – new possibilities for adults” project, co-financed with the European Union funds within the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020. The leader of the “My chance in Poland” project is CASE – the Centre of Socio-Economic Analysis (, and the Partners and implementers of the trainings are Fundacja dla Somalii ( and Fundacja Ocalenie (

REGULATIONS of participation in the Project “My chance in Poland”