MINT: mentoring program for young migrants and refugees

Mentoring for Integration of third country national children affected by migration (MINT)  is a program of the Ocalenie Foundation implemented jointly with partners from Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Romania. The program offers help in learning and education, workshops, visits in cultural institutions and outdoor activities. The organizers will also be in constant contact with the parents of the children participating in the program, offering them the necessary support. 

Each of the children will meet with their mentor once a week to get to know each other and receive some assistance with learning. Once a month, she or he will participate in a group meeting, during which, together with other participants of the program, will be able to take part in cultural, artistic or sports activities. In addition, every two months excursions will be organized for children to go to various cultural or scientific institutions. 


Who can apply?

We cordially invite:

  • youth at age 11-15 who have already studied in Warsaw;
  • youth living in Poland for no longer than 3 years;
  • refugees (at any stage of the refugee procedure) and migrants,
  • persons who voluntarily want to join the program;
  • persons who have difficulties with learning or integration in Poland;
  • persons who do not work during the school year in a way that would make learning impossible.

Only students who meet all the above conditions can qualify for the program.


In order to apply follow these steps:

  1. From March 5, an application form will be available on our site. Complete it with your parent or legal guardian. We’ll get back to you with the results by March 23.
  2. If you cannot fill out the form yourself or have any doubts about how to do it, you can also send an e-mail to: [email protected].

Recruitment of  participants will last from March 5 to March 20, 2020.

We will let you know if you are accepted till March 23.

 Participation in recruitment process does not guarantee qualification for the program.


MINT is co-founded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.