Get It Done: Temporary residence permit for citizens of Belarus residing in Poland on the basis of a humanitarian visa

If you have Belarusian citizenship and are staying in Poland on the basis of a humanitarian visa (including a visa that expired during an epidemic/threat of epidemic), you can apply for a residence permit on this basis.

A residence permit is issued for 3 years at a time. Those with such a document can work without an additional work permit. Applying for a residence permit is free, as is obtaining a residence card. 

How to submit an application?

  1. Fill out the application form for a residence permit on the inpol platform. If you have problems with the platform, you can fill out the application on the computer or by hand.
  2. In column C1, mark 16 (other circumstances) with a cross. In the line below, write:  „Przesłanka obligatoryjnego udzielenia zezwolenia na pobyt czasowy ze względu na inne okoliczności ust. 1 pkt. 9.” („Premise for obligatory granting of temporary residence permit due to other circumstances paragraph 1 item. 9.”). 

All information given in the application form must be documented – for example, if you write that you have a certain income, you must attach a contract proving it. 

  1. Documents, i.e. two copies of the application form, 4 photographs (as for a passport), two photocopies of all pages of the passport and documents confirming the accuracy of the information provided in the application should be submitted to the Mazovian Provincial Office – Department for Foreigners:
  • If you have filled out the application on the inpol platform, you can also make there an appointment to visit the office. Then you should submit the application printed from this platform.
  • If you cannot make an appointment through inpol, you can send the documents by registered mail with proof of posting to the following address: 

Wojewoda Mazowiecki
Mazowiecki Urząd Wojewódzki
Wydział do spraw Cudzoziemców
ul. Marszałkowska 3/5
Warszawa 00-510

It is mandatory to keep the postage receipt.

  • You can also bring the documents in person to the Mazovian Provincial Office and leave them at the Submission Office (Biuro Podawcze). The application form must be made in three copies, not two. One of them will be stamped and given to you. This stamped copy has the same function as a postal receipt.


If you submit your documents in person to the Submission Office or send them by mail, a letter will be sent to you asking you to appear at the office on a specific date and time. At this visit, your fingerprints will be taken, and you will also receive a stamp in your passport.

Your application will not be considered accepted until you have a stamp in your passport confirming that you have applied for a residence permit. In practice, confirmation that documents have been sent by mail is also accepted by various offices as confirmation that you have taken steps to legalise your stay.

After a personal visit to the office (fingerprinting and stamping your passport), you may receive a letter asking you to make your application complete. Delivering missing documents by the indicated deadline is a must! Otherwise you will receive a negative decision. This is because for this type of residence permit, no criteria are specified other than Belarusian citizenship and residence based on a humanitarian visa. The content of the documents you are being asked to submit (e.g. the income indicated in the contract), should not be relevant to the case.

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