Get it done: Large Family Card

The Large Family Card provides support to families with many children in the form of discounts and additional benefits. The card is available to families with at least three children, regardless of income. It provides such families with discounts on, among others, train tickets, food, and free admission to national parks. The card is issued free of charge to each family member. Parents can benefit from it on a lifelong basis, while children – until they turn 18 or if they study, until graduation, up to 25 years old. In the case of children with disabilities, the card is granted for the validity period of the disability certificate.

Large Family Card for foreigners

Foreigners can apply for the Large Family Card, if they reside in Poland with their families on the basis of:

  • permanent residence permit;
  • EU long-term residence permit;
  • temporary residence permit for the purpose of family reunification;
  • temporary residence permit issued to individuals with a long-term residence permit granted by another EU member state;
  • refugee status or subsidiary protection.

How to arrange a card

In order to get a Large Family Card, you must complete an application and submit it to the appropriate district office (check the list of district offices in Warsaw here). The application should be accompanied by documents confirming the identity of family members (or their PESEL numbers) and the basis to grant the card, in particular:

  • parent (father and / or mother) – a declaration that the parent is not deprived of parental authority or that the parental authority is not limited;
  • parent’s spouse (stepmother / stepfather) – marriage certificate;
  • children up to 18 years old – birth certificate or a document confirming identity;
  • children over 18 years of age who study at school or at a university – a declaration of the planned date of graduation in a given institution;
  • disabled children over 18 years of age – a certificate of moderate or severe disability;
  • children from foster families or a family children’s home – a decision to place in a foster family or family children’s home
  • children over 18 who remain with the foster family or in the family children’s home – declaration on remaining in the foster family or family children’s home.
  • if you are a foreigner, prepare your residence card (and possibly also a decision regarding your stay in Poland).

If you have a Trusted Profile (which we described here), you can also submit the application online via the Emp@tia portal. The card can be issued in a traditional (plastic) and electronic form, displayed on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) – it is worth applying for both of these forms at once. You can use the card at any time – it’s not necessary that the family is together in one place. Places that offer discounts are marked with a special sign „Here we honor the Large Family Card”, and their list is available at:

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