Get it done: Exchanging foreign driving licence

If you stay in Poland for 185 days or more, and you have a foreign driving license, then you should replace it with a Polish document. Driving licence issued in another EU/EFTA member state or the Swiss Confederation, as well as in the UK until December 21, 2020 is recognised in Poland. It does not need to be exchanged and can be used as long as it is valid. 

However, a driving license issued outside the EU/EFTA becomes invalid after 6 months from the date you obtain a permit for permanent or temporary residence in Poland. It also applies to the driving licence issued in the UK after December 31, 2020. In such situation, if you are planning a longer stay in Poland, you should take care of changing your driver’s license.

How to exchange your driving licence

If you live in Warsaw, go to the district office (urząd gminy) of the place of your residence. You can make an appointment by phone (check the list of district offices in Warsaw along with their telephone numbers) or at

Prepare the required documents, in particular:

  • completed application form (available also at the office),
  • color photograph 35 x 45 mm (you can find the detailed requirements here),
  • a copy of your foreign driving license along with a certified Polish translation,
  • a copy of your residence card (karta pobytu), visa or any other document confirming your right to stay in Poland,
  • a document confirming your registered address on the Polish territory (meldunek) (if you are not registered at the place of your residence, then ask at the office what to do in this case).

Fees and deadlines

The fee for exchanging a foreign driving permit for a Polish driving licence is PLN 100.50. After validation of your original driving licence, the Polish document should normally be issued within 9 working days. However, the whole process may sometimes take up to 2 months in complicated cases. You can check the progress of your application at the relevant Office or at

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