Get it done: Benefit “Good start” 300+

The „Good Start” programme („Dobry Start”) provides for an annual support of PLN 300 for children starting their school year until they reach the age of 20, or 24 in the case of a disabled child. The allowance is granted once a year regardless of the family’s income to help cover the „back-to-school” costs. From 2019, the „Good Start” benefit is also available to students of post-secondary schools and schools for adults. However, the program does not apply to higher education students, children attending kindergarten or reception class („zerówka”).

Who can apply

This benefit is available to both Polish citizens and foreigners, including:

  1.   EU, EEA or Swiss citizens,
  2. situations when it results from the bilateral international agreements on social security binding on Poland,
  3. foreigners who stay in Poland with their families on the basis of a temporary residence permit for highly-skilled workers,
  4.  holders of a residence permit with the annotation „access to the labour market” („dostęp do rynku pracy”), if they reside in Poland with their families, excluding third-country nationals who have received a work permit in an EU Member State for a period no longer than six months, third-country nationals that have arrived in Poland to undertake studies or seasonal work, and those who have the right to work on the basis of a visa,
  5.   those staying in Poland on the basis of:

  a temporary residence permit for the purpose of work and long-term mobility of a manager, specialist or a trainee employee under the Intra-corporate transfer,

  a residence document with „ICT” annotation, issued by another EU Member State, and when the purpose of their stay is work as a manager, specialist or a trainee employee under the Intra-corporate transfer for up to 90 days within 180-day period.

– if they reside in Poland with their families, excluding foreigners that have a work and stay permit for a period no longer than nine months, unless the rules on social security coordination or bilateral international agreements on social security provide otherwise.

Where and how to apply

To get support, you must submit an application. An application for „good start” benefit can be made by a mother, father or guardian of a child, and in the case of children in foster care – by a foster family, a person in charge of a children’s home or a care and educational institution.

From July 1, you can apply online via the [email protected] portal or electronic banking services, but this is only possible if you have a trusted profile (profil zaufany). From August 1, you can do it the traditional way, that is fill out the paper application form and submit it in person at the relevant office or send by post. Applications for „good start” benefit should be submitted at the same institutions as 500 Plus applications – e.g. in Warsaw those are the district offices (check the list of reception points).

Important! The application must be submitted by November, 30. If you submit the application in July or August, you will receive the benefit by the end of September at the latest. When the application is submitted in September, October or November, the benefit will be paid within 2 months after the submission.

Get it done with us!

Need assistance with submitting your application for the „Good Start” benefit? 

In the time of coronavirus, our Help Center for Foreigners will help you remotely! Send an e-mail to: [email protected] and put „Good Start” in the subject line.

The assistance we provide is free of charge.

Safe harbour

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